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As a content marketer, I’m always on the brink of a new idea that can lead prospects through a marketing funnel. The lack of quality content can negatively impact your relationship with your audience. At the same time, you need a fast and responsive way to stay at the top of the game.
If you’ve watched science fiction movies, you may be familiar with robotic voices and sentient machines that know everything. But as a marketer, the only way to really meet people is with a message delivered through an original sounding copy.

The AI Copy Game.

AI-powered content generation tools have been in the market for quite some time. Each platform promises amazing content in huge volumes that supposedly breathe life into your marketing efforts. The likes of Jarvis and Ryter are some of the tools built with an autoregressive language model that gives machines the power to sound more human-like. But how far can a content generation tool go?
When I discovered AI content generation, I couldn’t complain because all I had to do was enter a bunch of words and a customized text was auto-generated on the screen. For those who want to work quickly, this is a time saver. But from my experience, quality always trumps quantity!

What can a Machine do Better than I can?

I was always skeptical about the precision with which results are delivered. I had so many questions about the different types of content that AI could generate. To be honest, I spent the first few hours of my AI content creation experience scrutinizing and validating the copy.
What if I needed a social media post under X characters? How about some expressive imagery for a festive post? If I wanted Quora answers for a niche topic, the AI should be able to deliver useful information. As time grew, my expectations grew.
Of course, these tools offer categories and voices to pick from, based on the type of content you want to generate. But that’s not enough!
They all have one thing in common. They don’t sound like me.

And, then I found an Intelligent Word Engine!

My search for computing excellence in the art of copywriting took me to far corners of the world wide web. That’s when I came across My distinct appreciation for this platform is because the intelligence behind this engine is backed by a content marketplace of nearly 50,000+ professional writers. I had to get a piece of that!
Here’s my relationship with the AI.
Short-form Content Creation: When you are shuffling between projects on social media, you may need some extra help to nail those captions. Guess what? There’s a dedicated  “Social Media Post Captions” tab on The AI also generates relevant hashtags for your tweet, Facebook or Instagram post in seconds.
What’s better? I could create headlines for my landing page, create a value proposition for a new app, specialize in the art of tweeting, write personal bios, email subject lines and persuasive cold emails too. The ductility of short-form content assistance complimented my style of work. Here’s why!
  • The wordings literally roll off your tongue.
  • It’s clean-cut, precise and sounds professional.
  • I save a ton of time and can multi-task rather well now!
Long-form Content Creation: There are numerous tools like CoSchedule and Ahrefs that help you generate new blog ideas and create an outline for your next post. But, you end up spending a whole day working on the interface behind one idea that is split into many sections and searches.
What if you can skip all the hours of researching and compiling information and jump straight to the blog outline? With, you can generate content ideas and find the best way to structure your blog. If that’s not enough, I often make use of the Blog Intro and Blog Conclusion features to add to my AI-generated sketch. The interface encourages writers to ideate with AI and that's how my ideas get better. It gives long-form content a clear direction to explore, which refines the language, leading to a better version of the copy.
Besides E-commerce product descriptions like the Amazon bullet points feature, customer reviews, YouTube video topic ideas, and intelligent language processing tools, the interface is simplistic by design.
Each function has an easy-going introduction to what the AI can do for you. But what I liked best about the natural language and the well-thought out AI’s design is the Ad copy feature.

Ad Copies that make a Difference.

When writing ads, you need a mix of creativity and emotional response. Especially when you are a writer who deals with both long-form and short-form content, you may find it hard to pin down words that do the trick. I found that has managed to automate the ad copy creation process with a clever use of jargon but a major focus on simplicity.
Whether I want Facebook Ad copies, Google Ad copies or a catchy tagline for a logo, I feed the system with an outline and the results are amazing. In fact, I have the say of keying in the description of what I want the copy to look like.
For example, when I worked on copy for a trending marketplace, I needed an indirect approach to explain the wild utility of a product like shampoo. To my surprise, the AI had a better eye for creative vocabulary at a pace that surely outperformed my seasoned people skills. The Feature-to-Benefit feature is also a good fit for your Ad copywriting because it provides a more sales-oriented angle to explore product USPs. Then again, if I were to cover each and every feature specific detail of this platform, it’ll take a long while. It’s better to learn on the go.

A Note to the Average Joe.

The tool isn’t just for marketers and lazy content writers. AI is here to help everybody. helps with a broad range of sales, marketing and ideation techniques that I found beneficial to my work. Besides providing a general idea of the best practices in content creation, the tool helps with writing for the web. And your style is never compromised because you get to choose what the AI works out for you. Plus, you always have the final say.
But the ideas you get are worth more than a lifetime of back-breaking, number-crunching, sinking desk days. is like a word engine that is built on humanizing the language of the internet. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, why wait to know more? Sign up for FREE and see for yourself.
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